Install basic package of fcitx

$ sudo pacman -S --noconfirm fcitx fcitx-mozc fcitx-configtool

Install particular package for fcitx

NOTE: if u don't install particular packages for specific gui tool kit, the IME doesn't work well. i have got weird behavior on my PC without these packages, like can not input words in gui inputbox.

$ sudo pacman -S fcitx-gtk2 fcitx-gtk3 fcitx-qt5
$ yay -S fcitx-qt4


$ reboot

Fcitx configuration settings

Open fcitx-configuration

firstly, change default keyboard layout to to English(US). and update settings following below that:

  • Input Method
    • English (US)
    • Mozc
  • Global config
    • Trigger Input Method = Empty
    • Active input method = RALT
    • Inactive input method = LALT

To confirm fcitx status

$ fcitx-diagnose